Here you can breathe history. We are in the heart of Trieste.

We are in the heart of the encounter between Central European culture and Italian tradition. A structure is born that has the flavor of other times or, better, suspended by time. Located in one of the historic buildings in the center that saw the love between Giosuè Carducci and his muse Lina, the Hotel Continentale is the contemporary luxury address for those looking for an intimate and refined, but not plastered, atmosphere.

As well as in his Continental Café, a meeting place in the city for a quick lunch or for a Capo in B, as the macchiato served in a glass is called. Or for a softly lit dinner, where the Classics of Italian Haute Cuisine are staged.

We have decided to enhance the historical beauty of the building in which we are located. Combining the classic style of the rooms of a Grand Hotel with environments that wink the modern eye to the atmosphere of yesteryear. And, to do so, we have chosen a Pantone, the Botanical Green, which bows to one of the many beauties of our city - the Botanical Garden of the Miramare Castle, a treasure trove of walks, travels and conversation.

As much then as today.


We have 47 rooms, each with a warm and comfortable, elegant and quiet environment with classic and refined furnishings for a superior quality of sleep where guests will find attention to order and cleanliness.

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Cafè Continentale

It is one of the restaurants that have seen the history of Trieste.
It is a restaurant that has celebrated this story. Inventing in 1921 the Consommé Italia and the sweet Vittoria just to greet the annexation of the city to the Peninsula. The Continental Café - Fine Dining Restaurant, today, restarts from that tradition, proposing the great Classics, those that belong to all of us.

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Meeting & Events

The Continentale Hotel offers its customers 2 newly renovated and perfectly equipped rooms for meetings, training courses, congresses, conferences, presentations and events of all kinds.
Here you can breathe history. We are in the heart of Trieste.

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The History

The Continentale Hotel is the last remaining hotel in Via San Nicolò. The decent building located at 25 (table 705) in Via S. Nicolò, was built in the years between 1875 and 1880, based on a project by the architect Giovanni Righetti, in place of an old building owned by Jewish families, of the which last seems to have been that of the Guetta family.

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Café Continentale & Fine Dining Restaurant