It is one of the restaurants that have seen the history of Trieste. It is a restaurant that has celebrated this story. Inventing in 1921 the Consommé Italia and the sweet Vittoria just to greet the annexation of the city to the Peninsula. The Continental Café - Fine Dining Restaurant, today, restarts from that tradition, proposing the great Classics, those that belong to all of us.

Open for lunch and dinner, the Café Continentale, with its outdoor area in the pedestrian street, invites you to enter. Whether for a business lunch or a dimly lit dinner, our Chef knows how to pamper the palate: territoriality with a pinch of innovation. We welcome you to the new Tradition.



For Your Events

Catering services for your Events

We are available to organize cocktail parties, lunches and dinners for your important occasions and events. With pleasure the Chef will elaborate a tasting itinerary starting from your wishes.


Served Breakfast

Mornings are about rituals, like the breakfast Lopold Bloom arranged for his wife Molly.
He went upstairs with a tray.
And it's exactly this tray ritual we would like to renovate.
Through a completely served breakfast. Through our à la carte breakfast.
In order to reduce waste and enhance each flavour.

The breakfast, served in the elegant Sala Stucchi of Hotel Continentale or outside in the terrace on sunny days, offers a rich mixed hot and cold, with a variety of sweet, salad and diet food. Variety of Coffees and Teas, jams, honey, Nutella, cereals, yogurt, slices of cakes, varied croissants, fresh fruit and fruit salads, cheeses and sliced salamis, beaten and hard-boiled eggs, crepes, bacon and rolls. Products for celiac people on request.

Breakfast served every day from 7:00 to 10:00.